Discover The Best Hemorrhoid Cushions and Pillows

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Hemorrhoid cushion are unique because they are inflatable cushions that have a hole in the center. When inflated and used to sit on, they relieve the pressure that is otherwise directed right to that area. These devices can be very effective because they take the pressure off, allowing the piles time to heal. You may be thinking that these devices will be too noticeable to take to work, but many are quite small and can be carried around from place to place. Most patients have reported some success with using a hemorrhoids cushion when combined with other forms of treatment. Properly designed seat cushion such as Donut seat cushion or donut pillows may help to reduce pressure on the pelvic floor. Donut shaped cushions made of foam allow your pelvic area to remain suspended in the air, in sitting position. Regular use of hemorrhoid cushions can not only alleviate hemorrhoid pain, but also prevent them from occurring. A combination of sitz bath and hemorrhoid cushions works very well in many cases for pelvic pain. If you are unsure where you can find the right cushion or pillow for your condition, you ought to ask your doctor to guide you in the right direction. There is a good selection of inexpensive donut pillows available online and in retail health stores. However many people are hesitant to use a donut cushion at work, as it draws attention to their medical condition. However, always listen to your doctor’s advice as some pillows may cause blood in hemorrhoidal veins to accumulate, thus worsen existing hemorrhoids. If you need a specific size or shape there are plenty available. It could be anything from square, round, oblong, or customized versions that get everything exactly right. There are two main types of hemorrhoid pillows: 1.The doughnut cushion: This type of hemorrhoid cushion is commonly called a donut or ring cushion because it has an O-shaped design. There is an opening in the middle of the cushion that enables the sufferer to sit on the cushion without allowing direct contact between the inflamed anal tissues and the surface of the pillow. These doughnut cushions come in inflatable or solid foam styles but the inflatable types are more commonly used than the solid foam types. a)foam cushion A foam cushion is the preferred type of hemorrhoid cushion to use as it’s a little more firm. If some air leaks out of the inflatable model, one might accidentally sit down on a painful hemorrhoid. Although you need to make sure that the foam is actually firm as opposed to the egg crate variety which can easily be squished down almost making them pointless. b)inflatable cushion Inflatable types help you have a bit more privacy since people won’t notice you walking around with a large cushion when going into work. You can inflate in on your own or deflate and fit it into your purse or your pocket when not in used. The one downside to these is that at times they can be a bit noisy and squeak when moving around in your chair. One can help this problem by putting it inside a pillow case. 2.The support cushion: This second type of hemorrhoid cushion works more like a conventional pillow. This type of pillow also helps to reduce the frictional pressure on the inflamed anal area. Unlike the doughnut pillow that has a hole in its center to provide an open space for the bum to hang, the support pillow relieves the friction by providing a very soft surface for the sore anal area to sit on. These support pillows also come in inflatable and solid foam designs. Hemorrhoid cushions and seats promote good circulation in and around the rectum in order to stimulate healing. This lessens pain, numbness, makes sitting much more comfortable, and helps speed up the healing recovery time dramatically. Hemorrhoid sufferers reveal their experience like sitting down on hot nails or sitting on a fire ant mound. The medical product industry has done an excellent job developing and engineering new products that make dealing and recovering from hemorrhoids much easier. Being able to sit should never have to be an agonizing thing to do, even if inflamed rectal veins have created swelling. hemorrhoid cushion If you are looking for the best hemorrhoid cushion or where you can get it, click the following link now << best hemorrhoid cushion >> Hemorrhoid cushion can be wonders for those who have suffered from hemorrhoids. Along with your current treatment, you can go very smoothly without having to worry. Even during a bowel movement or rectal pressure, you’ll feel greatly relieved from the effects of the cushion.

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