How To Treat External Hemorrhoids Fast Using Treatments Methods That Can Be Trusted

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How to treat external hemorrhoids could be one of your main priorities if you are currently suffering from external hemorrhoids or also known as piles. They cause a lot of pain itchiness inflammation but less bleeding.

Actually, everyone has hemorrhoids (cushion of widened blood veins which are known as plexus) at birth and when they are normal state, they will not cause any pain or itchiness. However, when there is blood clot in the blood vessels which subsequently causing inflammation, irritation and pain, then they start to create problem. The main cause of the blood clot or the causes external hemorrhoids is unknown but researches have shown they are caused by aging, gravity and other pressure from anal muscle like straining during bowel movement, constipation, prolong sitting and pregnancy. how to treat external hemorrhoids According to the above diagram, external hemorrhoids are those plexus situated outside the anus while internal hemorrhoids are those situated inside the anus. They occur in both sexes and statistic shows about of 4 percent of Americans are currently facing this problem and mostly in between age of 45 and 65 years old. External hemorrhoids may cause itching burning, swollen tissues and brings pain, much more painful than internal hemorrhoids due to the high concentration of sensitive nerve at that external hemorrhoidal plexus. Occasionally, you will get streaks of blood on your toilet paper when you clean your anal after bowel movement. thrombosed external hemorrhoids

Thrombosed external hemorrhoids happened when external hemorrhoids become larger and normally they are in bluish-purple lumps. The skin around the anus will become inflamed, swollen, sometimes can develop into skin tag and of course comes with severe pain. It is difficult to clean the anal area and causes itchiness.

Now, let’s explore on how to treat external hemorrhoids effectively.

How to treat external hemorrhoids using conventional treatments

1. Surgery Surgery (also known as Hemorrhoidectomy) is highly recommended for remove external hemorrhoids fast, even though it is painful during the recovery stage after the surgery. On average you need at least 5 days to heal your surgery wound. However, you should not worry as local anesthesia will be used during the surgery and gauze packing will be used to lessen the bleeding after the surgery.

2. Creams For small size of external hemorrhoids, creams can be used to shrink the hemorrhoids. You should search for tylenol, motrin and aleve creams which can lessen your inflammation and subsequently shrink your hemorrhoids. Other creams that you can consider are those containing active ingredient of lidocaine, analpram or benzocaine. The moment you apply these creams on your external hemorrhoids skin, you can feel the numbness and utmost relief of your miserable painful hemorrhoids. Click here to get your hemorrhoids cream today. 3.Laser There is some new trend of using laser to treat external hemorrhoids. A probe with low electrical current is applied to the hemorrhoid which causes the blood flow to the hemorrhoid to stop. The advantages are lesser pain, office procedure and faster healing. The disadvantages are expensive and inconsistency of results due to new technology. 4. Sclerotherapy This is an injections treatment (using Phenol or vegetable oil, urea hydrochloride or hypertonic salt) on the external hemorrhoid to reduce blood supply to it but it is more suitable for internal hemorrhoids and may not be effective for as it can relapse which causes multiple treatments are required. 5. Rubber band ligation Rubber band ligation or banding in short, is popular treatment for hemorrhoids. However, effectiveness seem to be for internal hemorrhoids. It can be done on an outpatient procedure. A rubber band is tied around the hemorrhoid to stop the blood supply. Once the hemorrhoid has dried out, it will fall off by itself. 6. Infrared coagulation Infrared coagulation, also known as IRC, where infrared is been used to burn off the external hemorrhoids. It is not recommended as it is more expensive, more sessions than rubber band ligation, and higher recurrence rate.

How to treat external hemorrhoids using alternative treatments

1. Homeopathic Medicine If you do not like conventional treatment, you can always consider homeopathic treatment as it is non-invasive, made from plants and mineral. As for hemorrhoids, you may want to read treat hemorrhoids venapro to know more how homeopathic medication can help you. If you prefer to use homeopathic cream medicine, click here to find out how Emuaid delivers guaranteed results within 2 days.

Hemorrhoids natural remedy or home remedy hemorrhoids 1. Ginger, Cranesbill, horse chestnut and Aloe Vera are some of the herbs on how to treat external hemorrhoids. Horse Chestnut is used to reduce the swelling external hemorrhoids. Aloe vera has the healing skin properties which help to give fast severe hemorrhoid relief. You just need to cut out the gel from the plant and apply onto your hemorrhoids area. 2. Sitz bath This is one of top hemorrhoids remedy and also recommended by doctors. You just need to immerse your buttock area in warm water for 15 minutes three times a day. Some natural healers may advise you to add Epsom salt or herbal salt into the bath which are effective too. Remember to dry up your anal area after you have completed every session. The objective of this sitz bath is to shrink your external hemorrhoids. Another variation of sitz bath is hydrotherapy, where you will be alternating between hot sitz bath (105–115 degrees F) and cold sitz bath (55–75 degrees F). 3. Water Water plays an important role in healing your external hemorrhoids as you do not want to dehydrate your body which will subsequent cause constipation and worsen your external hemorrhoids. Try to practice drinking 8 glasses of water daily. At the same time, try to reduce your weight as overweight can cause more pressure to your external hemorrhoids. 4. Lifestyle change If you are sedentary type, now you should do more exercise like walking. You may consider using a donut shaped cushion to reduced skin pressure. If your job requires lifting heavy stuff, try to reduce this task as it will cause more pressure to your external hemorrhoids. Do not sit on the toilet for too long and if you have a choice, choose squatting position during bowel movement. Always listen to your body signal on the urge to go. 5. Witch hazel Witch hazel is leading hemorrhoids remedy, particularly for external hemorrhoids due to its shrinking ability. Soak baby wipes with witch hazel and press them on your hemorrhoids.  Repeat this as often as you can. 6. Hemorrhoid diet treatment Include more fiber rich food in your diets and reduce intake of meats. There are 2 kinds of fiber, soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber is much preferred choice as it improves stool bulk and water content. You can find soluble fiber from Psyllium, leafy vegetables, fresh fruit, citrus fruits, oatmeal, oat bran, figs, nuts, dried peas, beans, lentils, apples, pears, strawberries, blueberries, whole grains, and wheat bran. It is suggested to have 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, in order to achieve recommended 25g of fiber intake per day. You can also take over the counter fiber supplements, like psyllium seed but remember to test it in small quantity as this kind of supplement can cause stomach bloating or cramping. Avoid foods which cause alkaline on your stool as these kinds of foods will irritate the hemorrhoids area. Examples of alkaline foods are coffee, tea, cheese, chocolate, cola, citrus fruits and juices, beer, tomatoes, onions, and nuts. 7. Petroleum jelly This is the cheapest solution for external hemorrhoids. You can buy it from your local grocery stores, pharmacies or discount stores. It helps to reduce the hemorrhoid symptoms and can be apply as frequent as you like on the hemorrhoid. If you need even faster solution on how to treat external hemorrhoids then you need to look into this book which has been well-researched. In this book, it will show you how to shrink your hemorrhoids as fast as 24 hours depending on severity. You can find success stories, home remedies for hemorrhoids and also please check the recommendation from doctors on this natural cure for hemorrhoids. >>> Click Here For More Details <<<

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