Discover The Truth Of Laser Treatment For Hemorrhoids

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Are you afraid of the pain from hemorrhoids surgery which prompted you to look into laser treatment for hemorrhoids? If yes, you are not alone as thousand of hemorrhoids sufferers are looking for alternative solution instead of surgery or hemorrhoidectomy. Thanks to the advancement of technology which make it possible for this alternative solution. laser treatment for hemorrhoids For less severe hemorrhoids like 1st, 2nd, and some 3rd degree internal hemorrhoids, sclerotherapy, rubber band ligations or infrared coagulation procedure will be used.  However, surgery or laser is recommended for 4th degree internal hemorrhoids and large external hemorrhoids. There are a few types of laser treatment. One of the most popular treatment method is LHP (Laser hemorrhoidoplasty) where you will get no open wounds, stitches nor incisions. The principles of laser treatment for hemorrhoids are i) reduce the hemorrhoid tissue, ii) cancel the hemorrhoidal artery iii) To maintain muscle mass, the lining of the anal canal and the mucous iv) elimination of prolapse by shrinking v) the hemorrhoidal mass reconstruction and fibrotic  

Processes of laser treatment hemorrhoids

To destroy tissue by inserting a probe laser with radial emitting fiber to focus the energy of the electromagnetic radiation in the submucosa, which causes hemorrhoids to shrink mass. Energy can diffuse be implemented over a range for ablation of tissue or as a concentrated beam to cut the tissue. Compared with diathermy is less diffusion of thermal energy which causes in theory less destruction of adjacent tissue and is intended to promote a faster healing. Both the Nd: YAG and CO2 lasers have been used for hemorrhoids and techniques have greatly varied. hemorrhoids laser treatment Procedure: Wavelength: 980 nm or better 1470 nm Pulse: 1-3 sec single pulse or continuous pulse Dosis : 150 -300 Joule / segment, depending on the size of the hemorrhoids Energy: 8 – 15 Watt Fiber type: bare fiber 0,6 mm, better radial fiber 1,8 mm Effects: Absorption of the energy by the tissue-> destruction of the hermorrhoid vessels. Followed by fibrotic shrinking and reduction of hemorrhoid tissue laser treatment of hemorrhoids Advantages of using hemorrhoids laser treatment: – Easy handling – Preservation of anoderm – Good coagulation of intraoperative bleeding – almost no postoperative bleeding – Short operation time (average 17.4 mins), short down time (average time of disability is 4.2 days) – No (or only very short) hospital stay – Few postoperative pain – No damage of the sphincter as long as careful dissecting the mucosa from the underlying sphincter – No stenosis – No foreign material left (no clamp complications) – Combination with or change for other procedure possible – faster healing as there is no incision or stitches – Several repetitions possible

Disadvantages of using laser treatment of hemorrhoids

1. hemorrhoids laser treatment cost is high as the equipment is expensive and is not used in many other procedures or specialties that can defer the cost. 2. An extra circulating nurse is used in my community because of the potential fire danger. This raises the cost. 3. Use of the laser does not speed up the procedure, even though with some techniques pedicle ligation is not necessary. 4. Best result can be seen after 6-12 weeks   Conclusion If painless operation is your top priority but cost is not an issue, then you should choose for laser treatment for hemorrhoids. However, if cost is an issue, then you may want to look into this home remedy which is safe, painless and can get your hemorrhoids removed as fast as 48 hours. You can also see some of the testimonials from customers and even the doctor has recommended it too. Click the following link to find out more. << Home Remedy Hemorrhoids in 48 hours>> –

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