Discover The Benefits Of Reflexology For Hemorrhoids

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Have you ever thought of reflexology for hemorrhoids? You can heal yourself by just pressing a few “ouch” buttons and feel the pain disappear like magic under your fingertips almost immediately. The hemorrhoids can be vanished too, if you keep massaging for a few days. Keep reading the following the paragraphs to find out the actual steps. In order to cure hemorrhoids, you can perform reflexology on the following areas i) Foot reflexes ii) Hand reflexes iii) Heel pad A) Foot reflexes foot reflexes reflexology for hemorrhoids Start by using your finger and thumb to press on the bony part of your heel, which is just above the pad. You will discover a ridge along this area. Press all the way around this ridge and then search for any tender points. Alternatively, you can use a reflex device to help you press hard enough to really massage the reflexes. The swollen veins in the rectum which causing your painful hemorrhoids are usually located in one or two places only. Continue finding the “ouch” buttons before pressing and massaging for several more minutes. Apply pressure according to your tolerance level as some of these points could be very painful. Next, slowly move your fingers up under the inner anklebone, press firmly and find the “ouch” buttons again. Press and massage along the back part of the leg with the fingers and the thumb on each side of the Achilles tendon. No matter how painful of these buttons, you need to massage them out. Repeat these steps on your next leg. Also, check for a tender reflex behind the nails of the big toes. B)Hand reflexes hand reflexed reflexology hemorrhoids Start by using your thumb to press on the bony part of your wrist of the opposite hand. Begin on the palm side and press all the areas on or below these bony areas. Later, turn the hand over and press with the thumb or the fingers on the top of the wrist and search for any tender reflexes to the hemorrhoids. Repeat these steps on your next hand. Also, check for a reflex button on the end of the tailbone. If there is any tenderness, just massage it. C)Heel pad reflexes massaging reflexes under the heel pad_reflexology therapy If you have pain in any part of the rectum or lower colon area, you need to massage heel pad reflexes. If your foot suffered from callus, you may have difficulty to reach the area with your fingers; instead you can use a device to do so. Take the pad of the heel in the hand and using the tips of the fingers to press under the pad. If there is no any tender point, then use hand reflex massager or the reflex comb. Grasping the comb in both hands, roll it from side to side, giving special attention to the area that is located on the inside of the foot, up toward the ankle. If you do it right, you may discover some extremely tender points. Alternatively, you can use the rung of a chair or table to find these reflexes. Use whatever comes naturally until you get the soreness worked out. When the hurt stops in these reflexes, you will find that the hurt in the lower rectum are had also subsided.

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